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    Mobile phones and smartphones are susceptible to various viruses and spyware that turn them into so-called spyphones. Malware allows malefactor remotely connect to the phone, activate its microphone, and listen to all conversations that may be going on around.

    Not all viruses and spyware detected by antivirus engines. Typically, antivirus software finds only widespread spyware programs. Universal mobile protection - special cases for mobile phones SPYCASE and SPYCASE-2.They not only protect you against being monitored via your cellular phone but it also alert you if some monitoring programme has been activated. It automatically activates a built-in white noise generator as soon as they detect a monitoring activation. The white noise is slightly audible to you so you are alerted to the fact that your phone may have been tampered with.


    Bugdetectors Signal are made for search of transmitters (bugs).

    Detectors (electromagnetic field indicators) Signal can not only detect any radio transmitters, including acoustic listening devices with mains supply, transmitters with embedded power supply, telephone bugs and video transmitters, but also allow to distinguish signals of home and cell phones from signals of most eavesdropping devices.

    Detectors of our production are characterized by small size, high reliability and ease of use.

    You do not need special education to deal with the bug detector to check the apartment, car or office for the presence of eavesdropping devices. To turn on the detector and start searching for bugs, all you need to do - is to press just one button!

    Addition to the basic modes of detection bugs, Signal detectors have additional functions: the amplitude detection, transmitters localizer, vibration mode.


    Ultrasound jammers of voice recorders SPYSONIC with ULTRANOISE technology.

    Ultrasound jammer of voice recorders and other sound recording / transmission devices (wireless microphones, bugs, wired microphones, recorders in mobile phones) is a specially designed ultrasound generator that produce a mixture of acoustic noise and ultrasound, which is only slightly heard by human ear, but strongly affects input amplifiers and microphones of recording equipment . Not all recorders are susceptible to ultrasound, but based on our experience, 1st generation SPYSONIC jammers are effective in more than 50% of cases.

    Double band 2nd generation jammers SPYSONIC-2 provide more efficient suppression. SPYSONIC Combi provides almost 100% protection in sound noise + ultrasound mode. Available models are presented in the relevant sections.

    1st generation SPYSONIC jammers available in the following versions:

    1. Desktop version SPYSONIC Desktop is a small black wooden desktop speaker (size 16x6x11 cm).

    2. Portable versions SPYSONIC Handheld and SPYSONIC Handheld+ are camera cases as small as 11x8x4 cm, powered by 6LR61 9V battery that lasts up to 5 hours.

    3. High power desktop version SPYSONIC Desktop XL

    4. The jammers may be embedded into customers' cases. Please call to check the price and conditions.


    Double band ultrasonic voice recorders jammers SPYSONIC 2 and SPYSONIC 2+.

    2nd generation dual band jammers SPYSONIC 2 exeed the 1st generation of jammers not only in jamming distance, but in the number of types of the devices suppressed. In addition to wired microphones Shorokh, MKU, and majority of voice recorders Edic, SPYSONIC 2, suppresses all iPhones, including iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus, microphones in laptops and headsets, as well as various bugs.

    Generation 2+ recorders jammers have 2 operating modes: virtually silent "Ultrasaund" and a bit more noisy, but more efficient "Ultranoise".

    2nd generation SPYSONIC 2 jammers available in the following versions:

    1. 2-band desktop version SPYSONIC 21 made as 2 small black wooden desktop speakers (size 16x6x11 cm).

    2. 2-band portable version SPYSONIC 21 Handbag in the form of small bag with autonomous power supply.

    3. 2-band high power desktop version SPYSONIC 21XL

    4. 2-band high power versions with additional side speakers SPYSONIC 22XL and SPYSONIC 23XL

    5. The jammers may be embedded into customer's cases. Please call to check price and conditions.